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Risk Management (Insurance)

Risk management generally entails insuring yourself and your family against unforeseen events that could dramatically impact your lifestyle and financial well-being. For example, if a breadwinner were to become disabled or die prematurely, the family's income could be fatally compromised causing you to lose your home or postpone retirement.

At Hirst Wealth Management we'll help you understand and manage your risk by making sure you are properly protected with the appropriate types and levels of insurance. We want you to feel secure -- knowing that if catastrophe strikes you can stay in your home, educate your children, retire as planned or eventually receive the long-term care you deserve.

Special note: Our goal is to offer you objective risk management advice. Therefore, we do not receive commissions on any insurance you purchase (unlike many financial planners).

  • Estimate ongoing income requirements and liability protection limits
  • Evaluate insurance needs
    • Disability
    • Liability
    • Life
    • Auto
    • Home
    • Mortgage
    • Medical/health


We never accept commissions to ensure that the recommendations we make are always objective.


Financial plans are prepared on a flat rate basis ranging from $1000 to $5000 depending upon the complexity of the plan. Estate planning recommendations are part of the comprehensive Financial Plan.


Preparation of legal documents is provided on an hourly basis by the Law Offices of Leonard T. A. Hirst II. A cost estimate for the requested legal services will be provided to the client for approval before work commences. 


Other services, such as portfolio management and retirement planning, are provided on a fee only basis. Our standard fee is 1.5% percent of the total assets being managed. Please note that fees are negotiable and the percentage charged is based upon the size and complexity of the portfolio.

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